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to be found. >> it is very difficult to search in these conditions. the temperature, there is snow on the ground and it is dark. >> reporter: expert marksman he posted a lengthy manifesto on facebook detailing threats on two dozen police officers he intended to kill. dorner claims he was treated unfairly when he was fired from the l.a.p.d. in 2008 for making false statements. he filed a wrongful termination suit but lost the case. >> the people he had a grievance were fair game and so were their families. >> reporter: the killing spree began on sunday when the daughter of the l.a.p.d. captain was found dead along with her fiance and then thursday dorner shot and killed an officer and then shot two more. during the morning chaos police
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mistakenly shot and wounded two women delivering newspapers when officers thought they spotted dorner's truck. >> there are many local connections to this bizarre story. we continue our coverage. some of dorner's anger is targeted at bill bratten. >> reporter: bratten says he fired dorner when he was chief of police in los angeles and that puts him on dorner's list. tonight police say this situation is a reminder that officers can become targets. newly hired consultant is on christopher dorner's list. dorner sent a package to anderson cooper at cnn. inside a shot up l.a.p.d. coin given to him by bratten and a
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note. bratten says he is a target because he signed off on dorner's firing. >> i was the chief of police that signed off on his discharge from the l.a.p.d. so in terms of his grievances i could understand. >> reporter: no one understands his deadly actions. his online manifesto mentions targets including those on the force he believed traded him. >> it is about three years ago we paid for service for cops to have all of their names removed from all access on the interset. >> reporter: the president of the police officers association says while dorner's actions are not the norm officerers all over the bay area do face retaliation. >> we have two cases going on in the police department where we have full time protection for two cops threatened by gang members. so this does happen.
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>> reporter: dorner's police and military training give him a tactical edge. he knows the strategy police are using to hunt him down and he has no intention on surviving. >> you know he is armed and going to die one way or another. >> reporter: bay area police department will be reviewing safety and security plans and are looking to learn from this deadly situation. reporting live in san francisco. >> we dig deeper into the manifesto. he mentions several bay area figures including a high profile politician. new at 11:00 on the upswing for the first time in years san jose mayor offered an optimistic view of the future in his state of the city address. we look at what is behind the numbers and a potential sales tax increase that may be looming
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on the horizon. >> reporter: mayor spent a good part of the speech talking about the police department. he would like to see more officers added to the force. there are fewer officers than in past year. and the investigative unit dug up numbers showing it sky rocketing. >> they are working hard. >> reporter: he knows the police are working longer hours. the investigative unit exclusively obtained financial data showing while overall payroll decreased by 10% the numbers show a whopping 35% increase spent on overtime. from more than $12 million in 2011 to more than $16 million last year. he said the number may increase next year. >> we need to make sure our public is protected. overtime is the way to do that.
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we know you can't do that much overtime all the time. >> reporter: fewer officers on the force equal more overtime. 74% has gone to the rank and file. >> that is why we are recruiting and hiring aggressively. officers are working hard and putting in the overtime. we appreciate that. we know it is just a stop gap. we need to get more officerers into the force. >> reporter: city councilman says $16 million for o.t. is a lot of money. >> it is a huge chunk of money especially when the mayor claims we can't afford to give pay increases and salary increases when the reality is that our police department is given back over 10% of pay. >> we will hire more police officers. >> reporter: mayor hopes to expand the force with savings from pension reform but he admits it will not generate enough savings to cover everything. he is pushing a sales tax
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increase. >> i challenge all of you to put a tax increase on the ballot and put together a broad coalition of support with the capacity and commitment to raise $1 million. that is what it will take to win. >> reporter: that sales tax increase plan could go to the voters next year. >> thank you. rain tonight across the bay area and temperatures continue to drop. we continue to follow this winter blast that is not done yet. chief meteorologist is tracking the storm and has the details on the low snow. >> nearly half an inch of rainfall here throughout the day. that is more rain almost for the entire month of january. much needed wet weather arriving. we have another batch sitting offshore. let's take a look and you can see we have rainfall across the mountains and portions of san jose. it is not too heavy. more light to moderate in
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nature. this is what we will be seeing into tomorrow morning are the scattered areas of rainfall. how about the low snow? it looks like it will go to 2,000 feet tomorrow morning. we will have details on where we could get an unusual low rain/snow mix. the storm back east could be among the worst on record. in detroit, michigan snow is beginning to fall as a massive blizzard is on the way. two feet of snow is expected to blankett the northeast. airlines have already begun to cancel nearly 3,000 flights nationwide. all three bay area airports are reporting cancellations of arriving and departing flights for tomorrow. still ahead tonight at 11:00 unpaid taxes and angry investors. a trail leading to a man that kept himself one step ahead of everyone until now. >> where did the money go? >> good question.
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i have no idea. >> we investigate the plan to walk away from $10 million of debt and some of it your money. explain the feeling of how bad it feels to know that somebody had a gun on your grandma. >> 81 years old and not backing down. how a sunday school teacher outsmarted thieves. and an update on the desperate manhunt to stop an ex-officer turned suspected sniper before he kills again. we are back in a moment.
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he owes more than $5 million
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to bay area investors, the state of california and the feds. we have new developments of the investigation into a prominent businessman. >> we have been reporting on business dealings of ron battistella for months now. tonight we have learned he is under a law enforcement investigation and no longer sits on the santa clara county sheriff's advisory board. >> will you recommend he is removed from your advisory board? >> yes. >> reporter: sheriff smith made that decision after learning details of ron battistella's resume. >> you stole $70,000. >> that is battistella on hidden camera trying to explain why he didn't pay an elderly santa cruz woman the money he made selling her car. >> what did you do with the money? >> it is operator.
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>> he did pay that money back but there are others chasing money from the south bay car dealer. >> how many of you believe you are a victim of a crime. >> reporter: they all invested in a battistella business. now nearly $2 million is gone. they thought these pink slips secured their investment in a car dealership. >> the money is gone and so is the cars. if that is not fraud or criminal i don't know what is. >> reporter: the district attorney is now investigating ron battistella. some of his former investors have told us they have talked to investigators in the last 60 days. he worked for battistella selling cars. >> do you think mr. battistella is aware of what he is doing to all of these people? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> where did all the money go? good question. i have no idea. >> reporter: investors have
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learned the pink slips used to secure the trusts are worthless. the names are part of the list of creditors in this $10 million bankruptcy filing. before our report his name was on this letter head, a prominent member of the sheriff's advisory board. >> so for ron to do what he has done to bring the sheriff's advisory board out front is very disappointing. >> reporter: serves as vice president of the board. he says after our report and pressure from sheriff smith ron battistella resigned from the board. >> if you have somebody that is tainted or given a bad name or even brings on negative publicity to the board it is not good. i think ron said because of what was going on and because of the story i would like to step down because i don't want to bring that to the board. >> reporter: he has answered to the leadership of the advisory board but has not answered
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questions from his investors. they want to know what has happened to their money and why they spotted them in these seats. mr. battistella didn't want to shake hands after declining our interview request for more than a month we found him kiting courtside in the second row. >> you have attended four consecutive warrior games. his friends tell us the tickets are there. as for the money mr. battistella owes investors he wouldn't answer questions. >> what do you say to people who want to know where their money is? can you say where the money is? mr. battistella has another bankruptcy hearing coming up. we plan to follow that progress and will update you on possible action by the district attorney. his investors are calling for public accountability of his
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actions. they want to know what happened to their money. >> thank you. if you have a tip for tony or anyone in our investigation unit we urge you to gives a call or send us an e-mail directly. another major blow for boeing 787 dream liner. flights are cancelled through march 30 on all airlines betwai japanese all dream liners were grounded. investigators say the problem is with the aircraft lithium batteries. san jose could become the new home to airplanes serving google executives. it will include an executive terminal, hangars and ramp space. the project would provide the airport with 2.6 million
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annually in rent. 200 construction jobs. the project must be approved by the san jose city council by april. an update on our developing story. police say he could be anywhere. christopher dorner is suspected of killing three people including a police officer and a former police official's daughter. dorner was fired by the los angeles police department in 2008. he threatened to bring warfare to the l.a.p.d. his threats are outlined in a lengthy manifesto he posted on facebook. he has threatened revenge on officials involved in his dismissal and their relatives. an 11-page profanity laced manifesto posted on his facebook page dorner rails against the l.a.p.d. accusing the department of corruption, racism and ruining his law enforcement career.
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dorner states i do not fear death. he also has praise for many people including a lot of people with bay area ties. he applauds senator dianne feinstein for trying to get an assault weapons ban in place. he praises music legends along with the beauty of entertainers. let's check in with jeff to talk about the next couple of days and the change we will be seeing. >> we are undergoing quite a bit of change. if you think about a week ago at this time temperatures were mid to upper 70s, plenty of sunshine. finally a return back to winter. we had the cold front that pushed to the south. now we are tracking the upper level low pressure to the north. we will keep the chance of rain in the forecast for the next eight to ten hours. on the radar a lot of the activity is very spotty in nature tazcontinues to move in.
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it will be hit and miss as we move into the early mornings. commuting tomorrow morning it will be dry and then all of a sudden you will come up on a shower. current at thes are dropping into the 30s. you may be asking yourself at home is this snow making weather? of course. 37 in santa rosa. we are going to get to near the freezing mark and back to the east bay. we will talk more about snow chances coming up. let's get you outside where it is clear here immediately off on the san jose camera. we are tracking the deck of cloud cover that is currently moving in. let's get you back to the weather boards. the upper level area of low pressure producing all of this winter weather is wrapped up in so much cold air it will keep temperatures into the 50s up into the weekend. that will keep that slight chance of thunderstorms in the forecast into early tomorrow morning and it kicks off to the
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east. something you might want for the weekend, sunshine coming our way and that cool weather staying in place as we talked about. rain timeline for tomorrow. overnight hours best chance of rain pops back for the east bay and the south bay. by 5:00 and 6:00 tomorrow morning we will have lingering showers back for the east bay. and this is where we may get a rain/snow mix down as low to 500 feet. unreal there. back in the east bay if you hear rain drops you may want to head out because there may be snow flurries mixed in. usual spots expecting from a dusting to 1 inch of snow. time for our report. temperatures in the upper 20s and low 30s. saturday looks great for skiers at squaw valley and alpine meadows. packed powder and a groomed surface. we will see very frigid
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temperatures. low 30s in the north bay. 35 in san jose. daytime highs in the low to mid 50s. you need the jacket throughout your friday. that will continue throughout the weekend. no huge warmup on saturday. mid 50s inland and at the coast line. morning temperatures on saturday upper 20s to low 30s. we will see records into the morning hours. you need to protect plants and pets on saturday morning. throughout sunday we will keep the sunshine in the forecast through monday and tuesday as well. if there are kids up i know they are hearing rain and snow in the east bay. there is a slight chance of a shower around 35 degrees tomorrow you may get a snow flurry in the east bay. >> you are here to prepare us. >> let's hope there is no child up right now. >> we're back in a moment.
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. terrifying moments for a grandmother. masked men broke into her home just before noon. the victim and her family describe the attack and the pain. >> reporter: we are here on the 900 block of tenth avenue. across from where we are standing here is where this home invasion robbery happened. classes were going on so the school was placed on lockdown. two people are still on the loose. we spoke with the victim's family who say they are so happy that the woman so many people know as grandma is safe. >> i'm happy she is okay. >> reporter: she was home alone when masked men came in through a back door. the 81-year-old who teaches at a church thought it was a prank.
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she says one of them pointed a gun at her head before demanding gold and cash. when she told them there wasn't any in the house she said one man jammed the gun into her head while the other ransacked her home. >> i was praying that my son would not come in because he told me someone came in he would shoot him. >> once you have somebody putting a gun on somebody that is basically defenseless. she uses a cane. there are people that have no feelings. >> reporter: and the two men left her alone in a room. she says the two spent nearly an hour at her house. she went into the closet and called her daughter who called police. the family is saying thankfully police were able to catch a suspect, 21-year-old of red wood city. police are looking for two people including the gunman
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described at 19 or 20 years old and a woman acting as the lookout. the thieves made out with about $2,500 in electronics, cash and jewelry some of which was on the victim. the family just thankful that the victim, 81 years old is doing fine tonight. >> scary situation. thank you.
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good evening. it costs more than $500 for you or i to play a round of golf at pebble beach but the national proamhas been held there. let's take you out to the tournament that began today. first round action this afternoon. even the babies enjoying this one and larry bear.
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bill murray signing a forehead at first maybe and then a sweat shirt. the proam needs a little bill murray. now on to the pros. phil mickelson made birdie and finished one under for the day. ever so close there. james with the picture perfect birdie at seven. he used to sell women's shoes  and now one under par with the big tied for the lead at 6 under par after round one. cal at arizona state. allen crab finds wallace for uncontested layup. justin cobs from deep. this brings the bears to within two. caldown three. allen crab going for it but with ten seconds left he loses the
11:28 pm
handle. colin kaepernick of the 49ers got a new tattoo last night. look at his twitter page. more news after this.
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still going door to door. we are following the developing story. the search is on for this man. his name is christopher dorner. he is a former police officer and he is suspected for having shot some other officers. we will have the latest on "today in the bay" beginning at 4:30 in the morning. >> thanks for joining us want tonight. we hope to see you tomorrow. ♪
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>> jay: thank you very much! welcome to "the tonight show." it's nice to have you all here. well folks, more bad news for a-rod. oh gosh. looks like there's more evidence linking alex rodriguez to a miami doctor who prescribes performance-enhancing drugs. let me tell you how bad it is for a-rod. he's now favored to win this year's tour de france. [ laughter and applause ] and more bad news or good news, depending on how much you like lance armstrong. he is now under a federal investigation. here's that story. >> a new report that cyclist lance armstrong is now the target of a federal investigation. the crimes the feds are looking into include fraud, conspiracy and obstruction of justi

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